Afionas Corfu

Villa Meli Corfu

Afionas is one of the oldest villages in Corfu, built in a magnificent location, on a mountainous area that offers magnificent views of the open sea, the rocky islet of Gravia, the Diapontia islands, as well as the unique sunset. On the right of Afionas, you can marvel at the bay of Arillas and on the left, the bay of Agios Georgios with its wonderful beach.

Afionas is a very picturesque village with colorful houses and cobble stone streets. The central church of the village is Agios Ioannis, built in 1636. Next to the church, there is a monument dedicated to Hector Yalopsou, the naval officer who was killed in Imia in 1996 and came from here.

Below Afionas, is the famous double beach Porto Timoni. It is basically two beaches, separated from each other by a narrow strip of land. The left beach is called Limni and has turquoise waters, while on the right is Porto Timoni with dark blue waters. You will reach them after hiking for about 20 minutes. You can also go hiking in Afionas, and visit the Corfu Microbrewery in Arillas. You can try diving at Agios Georgios Pagon beach.